Sunday, April 17, 2011

This week in pictures

We have entered the stage of wanting to share our food with everyone and everything. Liam was have a popsicle the other day and sat down with cat on his lap and proceeded to share every other lick with cat. Last weekend we had a special donut day for breakfast and Liam was sharing his powdered sugar donut with Nigel and poor Nigel had a big ol white nose after the experience.  IMG_5124

Sonic lemonade and snap pea crisps make a great post shopping afternoon snack. IMG_5134 IMG_5139

Everyday Liam empties out this red bucket and wears it on his head while riding his quad like a helmet. We honestly have no idea where he came up with this idea but it cracks us up. We told him he is able to do more extreme riding with his helmet on.

  IMG_5151 IMG_5154

We (and by we I mean Alex) swapped out all of our appliances yesterday. Liam wanted to be a helper taking out the old one :-)



Stephanie said...

I love the red bucket as a helmet! Liam is so cute!

Sara said...

He looks so big! We miss you guys...

Bev Johnston said...

Safety first! Good job Liam!

I have got to get some of those popsicles! I also need to hear about the snap peas crips... where do you get those?