Monday, April 4, 2011


Crazy bed head!! This kiddo is so happy to be back in his crib after a week of sleeping in a pack and play.


Liam got a quad from Aunt Kerri, Uncle John and Evan and he is loving it! He sits on it to watch tv (well…as of right now DVDs), have snacks, and ride it around the house.



From the moment I found out the old owner of our new house was an artist I just knew i’d have awesome natural light for pictures!


Some of our “family members” are less than excited to be reunited.


Over the weekend we finally had some nice weather (well it was almost 50 which felt amazing since it has been so cold all winter). Liam had an awesome time exploring his new backyard. IMG_5052 IMG_5074IMG_5054 IMG_5063  IMG_5076 IMG_5078


Sarah said...

Liam has grown up so much!

Stephanie said...

The bed head is outrageous! I want to see some belly pictures :)

Stephanie said...

Awe! So much hair! Liam's getting so big!