Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend started on Saturday with a trip to Jim Thorpe for a kids Easter party hosted by Alex’s Dads work. Liam got his Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa before we left. His favorite were the matchbox cars he got from inside Easter eggs.


Playing with his Chuck quad before our ride.


Alex taught him to play air hockey.


Watching the horses come down the road for our ride.

Horse drawn carriage ride with the Easter Bunny. He loved it! Giving bunny a hug or trying to take a nap.


After Liam went to bed on Saturday Alex and I got to work playing Easter Bunny and totally redid our family room. We put the tv on a wall mount and got a new corner bookshelf to use as a smaller entertainment stand which freed up room for the table and chairs we got for Liam (major score at Marshalls for %50 off).

Here is his Easter basket.


Liam and his crazy hair opening his Easter treats.



Next up we went over to my parents house for Easter lunch. My parents got him a really nea


He probably ate a pound of M&Ms throughout the day….oh did we pay for that at bedtime… IMG_5276

Next we went to Alex’s grandmothers house for dinner with his family.

Liam was so excited to see he got a Percy train (from Thomas)!! He has not put it down since.


Hunting for Easter eggs!


Waving bye-bye, clearly he just wanted to play with his train.


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Sarah said...

Very cute! Landon got eggs with trucks in them too and those were his favorite!! I wanted to give you a heads up - we are thinking about using Liam as our 2nd little one's first name! We're not sure yet. It was a name I had considered when naming Landon. I hope you consider this a compliment and don't mind! :) Hope your pregnancy is going well!