Monday, April 18, 2011

Breakfast with the Easter Bunny (aka Liam’s BFF)

Sunday morning Alex’s parents, Alex, Liam, and I went to breakfast with the Easter Bunny and had such a good time! I never expected Liam to have the reaction to the bunny that he did. Aren’t 18 month olds suppose to me scared to death of people in costumes and cry while you try to snap a quick picture? Yeah, that is what i thought. Well Liam LOVED the bunny, actually I don’t think loved is a big enough word for his feeling towards the bunny.


This was right after the bunny came in and Liam was squealing with excitement over the big bunny playing with him. IMG_5160


Picking bunny’s nose. See they are best friends forever already.


My big boy with the Easter Bunny. He would have sat on his lap all day had we let him. At the end he even got into his nap position and zoned out on the bunny like he was ready to conk out. IMG_5170

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Stephanie said...

Picking the bunny's nose is priceless. Liam looks like he had a grand time!