Monday, April 23, 2012

Our week and then some

Let’s just start by stating that our weather has been crazy! Last week we had some HOT days and today part of the start is getting a foot of snow?!

On Friday Alex and I celebrated 10 years together! Crazy to think how much has changed in 10 years … from high school students to parents of two…. love it!


1. foot in hand, thumb in mouth…that’s Lucy for you

2.3. planting flowers outside and running monster trucks over dirt piles

4. my sweet little girl, so stinking cute in that (a little too tight) polo

5. shooting shotguns on a Friday night…

6.7. Trip to Cabela’s on Saturday with Alex’s Dad, Alex, Me and the kiddos. Liam LOVED the fish but was scared of the animals this time.

8. We went to Alex’s Dads work “spring party”, it was an Easter party but since it was so late I’m calling it a spring party. It was at a dairy bar and waffle shop and the kids had a lot of fun. All Liam wanted was ice cream and he finally got some and ate it up. Liam and Lucy had their first sibling ‘tiff’ over ice cream

9. Alex helping Liam carry his eggs from the egg hunt before we left.


My weekend had been overtaken by this….


oh dear…..ahem….. ::fans self::

I have comments …. but they are wildly inappropriate for how many family members read this … HA …

Anyway, it’s a pretty good read so far (I’m about two thirds of the way though the first book). Definitely one of those books that hooks you and you want to keep reading… like until after 1 am when you have a baby that hates to sleep and you know sleep is a precious thing but you can’t tear yourself away from book.


Stephanie said...

I read that book and I couldn't get into it. The best part of the book, for me, were the last few pages.

Mrs. Howard said...

Oh holy moly. I am on the third book. I started the first one on Thursday. That's 1400 pages in two days.