Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our attempt at Easter pictures

Sometimes I can be a pretty impulsive person which is a good thing every once in a while but when you have kids…it can be a fault. An hour before naptime I decided that we should try to do some Easter picture because it was just beautiful outside and we needed to take advantage of the warm sun… I could utilize naptime to edit (which I didn’t get around to doing yet so these are straight out of camera). All in all it went okay…we all got back inside for nap time in once piece so I call that a victory.


Liam hugging the bunny.IMG_8428

A little too sunny for a cute smile from Lucy but adorable none the less.IMG_8433IMG_8441IMG_8493

a series of picture of Liam throwing mulch at me…lovely!


and the one that made it all worth it….oh my heart, be still….IMG_8487-3

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The Bignon Family said...

Cute- just the way they are!