Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy 7 Months Lucy


Dear Lucy,


     Well you are officially now closer to one then newborn…on one hand time has flown to think that you are 7 months old but on the other hand it seems like you’ve been part of our family forever. Once again this month you have blown us away with your abilities, developments, and milestones reached. Lets start with the biggest news of all …. you are on the move! That’s right just two days ago you started doing what I call “the zombie crawl” … think amputated zombie, hand and forearm dragging… that’s the best way to describe it but in the last two days you have already made progress and are now getting up into plank pose or on all fours and launching your self forward over and over until you reach your destination (usually snacks or monster trucks).


    Oh and yes for the record you crawled for food for the first time. This comes as no shocked because girlfriend you love to eat! You are such a good eater and will try and devour everything we give you. I can’t eat in front of you without you pitching a fit for a taste. We are doing baby led weaning and letting you, for the most part, eat everything we do. Your favorite this month was whole grain stuffing and blueberries.


    No offence but you are still a horrific sleeper….just not a fan of sleep and you will NOT sleep in your room, oh goodness that is a story in and of itself so you are still co-sleeping. Luckily…you are now just eating once a night between 1-3am, at the beginning of the month you were still eating at 11 and 3 so at least we are not getting up twice, I’d call that progress.


   You have really taken to your paci this month. Once you learned to put it in yourself you started using it more but you still don’t need it. I could easily take you our without one and you wouldn’t cry for it. I think it is just something to keep you busy more then sooth you.


   You favorite toys are still your exersaucer, Sophie and another toy of the same brand that squeaks (as I type this you are “thumpering” on it with your foot making t squeak), the baby Einstein music box, blocks, Freddie the Firefly, and of course Liam’s trucks. You love the Baby Einstein movies and Sesame Street.


   You’ve started the beginning movements of trying to pull up by climbing on my lap and both hands on the seat of your bouncy seat. You are doing really well sitting by yourself, you can even reach for toys and keep you balance.


   You waved to Grandma earlier this week as she was leaving, it was the sweetest thing and both of us had our jaws on the floor … we couldn’t believe it when you did it.


   You are loud! You talk loud, laugh loud, sing loud…. its funny. Every month I have forgotten to mention how much you LOVE bath time! You splash and splash and kick and laugh the whole time, you love it and always have. We think you are going to be quite the water baby this summer!


   You are 19 pounds, wear a size 3 diaper, and 6/9 month clothes (with the random 12 month thrown in there).



Stephanie said...

Happy 7 Months Lucy! I can't believe you have gotten so big and beautiful. Time really does fly!

Sarah Campbell said...

She is so cute!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe she's already 7 months old.

Sarah Campbell said...

by the way... I started reading that book you mentioned...OH MY! Good Read!! :)