Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Well it is 9:17 and we are just sitting down after a very long and very fun Easter! I told you all yesterday about how all Liam wanted in his basket was the batman monster truck, well, let me just say he had the best reaction this morning. He came down very apprehensive because we left bunny (baby powder) footprint but Alex started saying ‘OH wow look!” and Liam came around. He saw his basket and said “OOOH monster trucks” and then two seconds later, as excited as could be “BATMAN MONSTER TRUCK!!!” he was so excited and it made it all worth it!

Oh course Liam picked today to sleep in until 8?!? So Lucy and I were up for an hour or so before Liam joined up. She loved her basket too. She ate two mum mums and of course loved her shoes HAHA in the picture below she is pulling them out. She also loved playing with her bunny.


Batman monster truck!


At 11 we went to brunch at the golf course where my parents live. It was great! Some of our friends were there at the same time so it was nice to be able to see them on Easter too.



Lucy and Evan with the Easter Bunny. Liam was to scared, guess he got what he wanted to he saw no need to say hello.


how a 7 year old gets a 2 year old to look at the camera HAHA…no toddlers were harmed in the taking of this picture…


The kids and grandkids on Easter.


We came home around 1:30 and Liam took a nap. When he got up we headed down Alex’s grandmothers for dinner with the family. Liam was giving hugs and kisses in exchange for monster trucks. IMG_8801IMG_8806IMG_8807

Easter egg hunt!IMG_8814

Checking out his candy with Aunt Debbie.


Sacked out before we left!


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