Saturday, April 7, 2012

Eggs Hunt, Easter Bunny, and more Easter fun!

Yesterday we took the kids to see the Easter bunny. After the disaster that was Santa Alex didn’t have high hopes that the Easter bunny would go over all too well with Liam but I still wanted to take them and try to get the “classic” mall pictures. All Liam wants in his Easter basket is a batman monster truck so I used that as my motivator to calm him down. He was fine the whole way down and walking into the mall talking all about going to “see Eeeeaster bunny”. Once we got in line he hung on for dear life saying “I scared I scared”. Once it was our turn he threw himself on the ground, just like he did with Santa, but I picked him up and told him he was going and plopped him on the bunnies lap. Liam did okay, he didn’t cry or anything once he was sitting but wanted to get down. Once we got our shot he hopped down and almost ran the the exit but stopped dead in his tracks, turns around to the easter bunny and screams “BATMAN MONSTER TRUCK!” hahaha it was right out of A Christmas Story.  IMG_8525

Today we went to an Easter egg hunt that was put on by one of the local churches, 30,000 eggs and that is no typo! It was packed but done really well. They had it sectioned off by age which made it so nice for the little kids. We met a few of our friends there and had a good time catching up with them as well. My sister and Evan also came. We got Liam to take an earlier nap today but still woke him up to go so he was a bit dazed on the way there.


Lucy and Aunt Kerri IMG_8564

Alex, Evan and Liam opening the eggs.IMG_8565IMG_8569IMG_8575

He was so pumped about all this candy!


When we got home Alex and the kids watched a Veggie Tales Easter movie while I made some chocolate chip cookies.


They “cheers-ed’ their cookies dough spoons. IMG_8598IMG_8606

This evening we headed over to Alex’s parents house to have an Easter celebration with them. Tomorrow we will be with my parents in the morning and then Alex’s whole family later in the day so it was just easier for us to have a day before celebration for the kids to get their baskets and have a little one on one time with the kids. Liam had a little Easter egg hunt in the back yard, he was a seasoned pro from the afternoon.


Yay, Lucy got one!


Lucy and PopPop looking at the egg hunt prizes.


Liam checking out their wagon and goodies!!


Lucy playing with her new toy.


First wagon ride!


…and of course Alex driving his truck.


Lucy and Grammy P


Liam saw a few big kids rolling down a hill this afternoon at the egg hunt and gave it a try for himself, he rolled and rolled and rolled then ran back up and did it again and again.


Once the kids finally went to bed tonight, late being that they had short naps, I put together their baskets from us. Since all Liam wanted was the batman monster truck I went on an adventure to try and find this truck today. They were sold out of monster trucks everywhere and I only found the batman one at toys r us in a three pack. I didn’t pick it up because I still had places to try after but ended up coming up empty handed at those. I called my Mom on the way home just to tell her the story and her and my Dad ended up being downtown so they went over the picked it up for Liam. YAY!! Grandma and Pop save the day! Liam got a few monster trucks and a carrying case, new slippers because he outgrew his old ones, a monster truck golden book, annies graham bunnies, stick on mustaches, play-doh, and some new crayons. Lucy got an amber teething necklace (which we gave her early and is well worth its weight in gold), two pairs of shoes, a bunny golden book, a sippy cup, bows, a bunny, and and some baby mummums. IMG_8705


Bekah said...

Love their baskets! It was nice to see you guys there! I still cant believe how HUGE that egg hunt was! I had no idea!

Stephanie said...

Those are awesome baskets! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. Your kids just keep getting cuter and cuter!