Monday, April 23, 2012

Our creative little smarty pants

We have been trying some new ways to get Liam to eat dinner and let go of some of this picky eating ways, let’s be honest we know it is a control issue but that is a whole other story. Anyway, last night we were in an epic battle to get the kid to eat a blueberry. Last summer he would go though a carton of blueberries in two days and now suddenly he doesn’t like them, toddlers…. So we sat together for almost 40 minutes trying to get him to eat the blueberry. At one point I said “Liam eat the blueberry, put it in your belly” …. and this is what he did


lifted his shirt and put it in his “belly” … creative little thing….

then after he put it in his mouth but refused to chew and swallow Alex said “no Liam make it disappear” and the little toot puts it in his hand, does some magician like hand movements and states “ooooh all gone” …

In the end he ate all of the inside of the blueberry and we waved the white flag and called it a night.

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Mrs. Howard said...

Oh my goodness. That made me laugh out loud. I love that "put it in your belly" thing he did!