Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oooh Lucy

On Friday morning I noticed that Lucy was coughing a little bit. I chalked it up to the insane amount of drooling she had been doing. Saturday and Sunday she had a little runny nose and the same cough; still thought it was probably just her teeth which are so swollen and bulging. She had been sleeping fairly well (not coughing or anything at night) and still eating so we didn’t think much of it. Monday she woke up and the poor kiddo was coughing a lot, watery eyes, a little congested and just not herself. After a bout of inconsolable crying I decided to call the doctor. I took her in at 11 and the doctor knew after listening to her for a minute that she had bronchiolitis. Although in true Lucy form she was smiling and laughing at the doctor the entire time she was being examined. She is one tough cookie.


All day yesterday Liam was running around telling everybody “DeeDee sick, DeeDee sick”, sweet boy he was concerned for his little sister and gave her some attention yesterday which I am sure made Lucy want to get sick more often because her big brother was actually acknowledging her.


So she got put on a nebulizer four times a day for the next week. She loves it, this morning she was helping me hold the mask close to her while watching her favorite Baby Einstein movie. Surprisingly she actually slept really well last night and is napping good right now, so at least she is getting some quality rest and hopefully will be on the mend soon.


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Bekah said...

oh no! Hope she mends quickly!