Sunday, January 29, 2012

Liam’s Big Big Boy Bed

This is where Liam is sleeping tonight….


We had this mattress upstairs since Christmas when my brother was in for him to sleep on one night. Liam LOVED the mattress, we didn’t feel like storing it so Liam ended up with with a big big bed. IMG_0766

The kiddo is turning into a teenager in the sense that he loves him some sleep. He napped just as well today as he has in his toddler bed and went to bed tonight just as easy too. He loves having some more room and even more room for blankets. Since I took the picture we put his little side railing on, we just hadn’t gotten to it when I took the picture right when we got it all set up.

Liam was excited to lay with DeeDee for a rest and Lucy was excited to roll away from him.


Last night we had a family first, we went out to eat as a family of four for the first time. Liam and Lucy were so good! We were so lucky to have a great first dinner out.



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