Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I take a lot of pictures….

yes, I do,I take A LOT of pictures….I realized this yesterday (no a long time ago actually) when I ran out of room on my iphone and Alex transferred over 4,000 pictures since October, from my phone alone, onto our server … and when I sit and look at the blinking courser but really have nothing much to write about except “hey here is a photo dump of my cute kiddos…”

I have struggled with writing issues for a long time on this blog and I have written about it a few times before. It is something that only comes up once in a while but when it does it halts me in my writers tracks. I’ve always wrote when I needed to “talk something out” or as a way to release a lot of the things in life that I tend to internalize (which is a lot) and now is one of those times but this blog has turned into my family  blog and far away from my blog. Maybe I need to go back to the good old days of a paper and pen diary …. except now a day I suppose there is an app for that.

So without further ado here is a cute photo dump of my kids….


Things this pictures makes me think 1. this pose cracks me up 2. I will hold him down tomorrow in all of his screaming glory to cut that boys hair, oy! Any tips on cutting a toddlers hair?? I mean I’ve done favorite movie, candy cane, cookies … you name it and he wants nothing to do with it, at all!


Liam is obsessed with mustaches right now. Yes, there has been a mustache trend going on for sometime now and to be honest I just do not get it, not one bit but clearly my two year old does. HAHA He came running up to me the other day with this popsicle stick and said “Mama look I gots a mustache”


I got this app on my phone to add in pbs characters to your pictures aka the easiest way to blow a toddlers mind!


My Mom got me red skinny jeans for my birthday (it’s tomorrow)….and I love them!!


I made these as my birthday cupcakes over the weekend and took them over to Alex’s parents house on Sunday, I call them chocolate covered strawberries and cream and they were delish!


Solved Lucy’s sleeping problems …. eeerrr more like created bigger ones but hey I do not make good decisions at 3am. After almost three weeks on no more then 3.5-4 hours of sleep per night total I got desperate and brought her into bed with us one night and the kid slept like a rock from 10-7….sigh…so now she has taken up residence in our bed until further notice.




The Bignon Family said...

That app is sooo neat! N loves Caillou! I have to get hubs to download that. For haircut....a lollipop in one hand and a cookie in the other did the trick for us.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

happy early birthday!!!

Sarah Jane said...

I love a good photo dump- I have hundreds on my iphone that I need to go through and narrow down!

Hope you have a great birthday!

Stephanie said...

Love all the pictures! Happy early birthday. If you ever need to talk I'm just an email away.