Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 5 Months Lucy!

Dear Lucy,


     Five months! Wow, how can we already be a month short of your half year birthday?! We are just rockin’ and rollin’ through this first year way too fast. I am pretty sure at least once a day I say to someone “how did she get so big?” because you have changed SO much in such a short amount of time.


    Lucy you really are a happy and smiley baby, don’t get me wrong you have your drama queen moments but most of the time you are just loving life. You love attention (and the lack of is what leads to most of your meltdowns), you love to be talked to and sung to (“Lucy in the sky with diamonds” is your personal favorite)! You are very vocal and love to talk back and have a little conversation, you really enjoy talking to the cats too!  You learned to blow raspberries this month and this it is so funny.


    You love to play in your exersaucer, you play with all the toys on it (spinning the wheels, biting the puppets and pressing the animals to make sounds).


You also LOVE Sophie, that has probably been your favorite toy this month because you just chomp and chomp on it all day long! You also love the Baby Einstein ball, your soft blocks, purse and ring rattle, and caterpillar mirror.


   You like to be on the floor playing on your belly and trying to crawl. You can push up with straight arms and lift your whole upper body off the ground and you can get on your knees but have not been able to put the two together yet. You can move in circles on your belly to get to something you want or to turn to see who is behind you. You can sit by yourself for a few seconds but get to distracted by toys and reach for something and then topple over.


You love to feel the different textures of things: jeans, shirts, faces, couch, rug, etc., you are constantly running your hands over different textures.


   Still not a huge fan of sleep or should I say you are a huge fan of partying at night time! Half way through your fourth month Mama reached her breaking point and not only brought you back into our room to sleep but into our bed… desperate times … and kiddo you slept like a rock! So now you are an official resident of our bed but at least we are all functioning at a normal level so that is that. You typically take a nap from 9-10 and then 12 – 2 or 3 depending on the day.


  You still have quite the appetite on you and eat around 30 oz a day. You tried sweet potatoes (eelhhhh didn’t really care for them) and apples (loved them) this month. You are not eating baby food on a regular basis, just here and there. You are satisfied with your bottles so I am in no big hurry to have you on a strict solid food eating schedule.


  This month you had your first cold when you were diagnosed with bronchiolitis on January 31st. You had to have a breathing treatment at home every four ours (during waking hours) for a week. You ended up loving the nebulizer machine which made it a lot easier; every time I gave you a treatment Liam would stand in the door way and say “DeeDee sick, she sick”. You were still such a happy baby the entire time you were sick.


  Speaking of Liam you are his biggest fan, you are just nuts about him and he has finally started noticing you and wanting to play with you. He loves to show you things and tell you what they are and he even let you drive his McQueen car! He loves to cheer you on and yells “Goooo DeeDee Goooo DeeDee” when you try to crawl.


   You are wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothes, a size 2 diaper during the day and 3 at night, you weigh 15.8 pounds. Before you were born I got you’re the cutest winter hat at baby gap (full price which is something I do no do often!). After you were born it was HUGE on you and I thought that you would never get to wear it because it would finally fit come summer time. A few weeks ago my go to hat got a little small so I thought I’d try the gap hat on you and guess what it was WAY to small, like doesn’t even come close to fitting small….sigh…. I can’t believe how much you have grown! To think when you came home you fit perfectly into premie clothes for the first two weeks of your life and now you are our little chunka munka baby.


look at how you’ve grown….


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Stephanie said...

Happy 5 months Lucy! You are turning into such a beautiful little girl.