Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 4 Months Lucy


Dear Lucy,


      Today you are four months old! One quarter of your first year, poof, has already gone by. This month you have changed a lot, in many different ways. In all reality this month has been pretty rough. You decided sleep was something you didn’t want to do and fuss was something you wanted to do a lot of. Your new nickname this month was Drama Mama.  Here’s to hoping you turn a corner this month!


     You are now rolling all.the.time! Honestly as I am lowering you to the ground you are already in the rolling process. You started doing this two days after you turned three months old. You have gotten SO strong on your belly and try so hard to crawl. You just want to play with Liam so bad. If you have any kind of support behind your feet you do crawl. Last night I had my leg behind you just enough for you to push up (hips off the ground) and shoot yourself forward.


     Earlier this week I put you in the infamous doorway jumper and you loved it! Your brother was known to be a wild man in the doorway jumper but girl, he had nothing on you at this age! You were jumping like he was a month into using it your first time. You were spinning, jumping, and smiling the entire time.  I am so glad we found something you like that can entertain you for a few minutes.


    You love the exersaucer, your black and white blocks, and Freddie the Firefly. Your fingers are in your mouth! Poor girl you can soak through a bib in 30 minutes! You also love to chew on your bibs and Freddie’s wings. When sitting you are always grabbing for your toes and try to “tripod sit” by yourself; hence why Dada is holding your arm in your monthly rocking chair picture, you wouldn’t stop trying to grab your piggy's!


    You are on no set eating schedule, you are the ultimate “grazer” and have 3-4 ounces here and there though out the entire day; totally 28-30 ounces per day.  In the last week we let you try cereal for the first time, a little early but that’s okay. You loved it! You downed a whole little bowl like you’d been eating it for months. Hopefully soon we will move onto some fruits and veggies!


    You basically take a short 15 minute nap in the morning and then a two hour nap in the afternoon but that is it as far as naps go. You go up for a bath around 7 then a bottle at 7:15 and usually in bed (your own bed!) by 7:30. Around 8:30 you usually start crying and we give you a little more to eat and you are asleep until 11. I feed you at 11 and most nights again at 3 and then you wake between 5 and 7. The biggest news this month is that you are now in your crib at night, still napping downstairs in your swing. You are still swaddled for your long nap and night time, Still only like your paci when you are sleeping, you never want it while awake. You LOVE bath time but also love to jump in the infant tub, you use the other side as a spring board to push off of; makes bath time a hard one man job and such a mess however you think it is quite funny!!


   You are wearing a size 2 diaper, mostly 3-6 or 6 month clothes but you have room to grow into the 6 months ones. You weight 15 pounds! (Your appointment is on Friday so I will have more stats then)



I feel like the two month and four month pictures should be swapped but I guess its because the two month picture is closer making you look a lot bigger then you actually were then.


Bekah said...

SO STINKING CUTE! can it possibly have been four months already?! Sheesh!

I cant believe that she is rolling! Luke can get onto his side, then just flops around! Haha he'll get there.

The Bignon Family said...

Adorable!!! Do people say that she looks just like you- because I totally think she does!

Stephanie said...

Happy 4 months Lucy! I swear she's a mini you. I hope month 5 brings less drama!