Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Liam Lately

Liam at 27 months:

You are so sweet and kind hearted. You say “thank you Mama” for every little thing and say please whenever you ask me for something. When Lucy was learning to roll over you would stand by me and cheer “Go DeeDee Go DeeDee”. When Dada comes home from work you run and jump and yell “Dada home Dada home” and then say “Ooooh HEEEeeeey Dada” when he comes in. You also day “bye bye Dada” when he leaves in the morning. At bedtime you say “Ni Ni cars, Ni Ni trucks, Ni Ni Mama, Ni Ni Dada, Ni Ni DeeDee” (clearly we are on the backburner to cars and trucks).


You love your little sister more than words. She is your “DeeDee” and you love to show her and teach her all you know. You get her her paci if she is crying and try to soothe her by showing her all your toys. Whenever you hear her whimper you come running to find me and say “Oh no Mama DeeDee”. You often find her her toys and lay them by her (even when she is sleeping) and will bring me a bottle and day “Mama iz DeeDee’s Baba”


You love to associate what things belong to who or who likes what (very fun game at the grocery store)

For example whenever you see Gatorade you say Dada (because he wears the big G logo on his shirts everyday to work. Pots/Pans/Vacuums are Mama (LOL…isn’t it great to be me). Chocolate, coffee, cookies, pizza, and hamburgers (on his flashcards) are Dada; broccoli is Mama. He loves to point out Mama’s shoes, Dada’s boots, whose car is whose, ect. When I ask him if DeeDee can play with one of his toys he will run and get her one of her toys and say “No iz DeeDee’s” and give her something to play with.  IMG_0609

You are insanely smart when it comes to working electronics (you are your fathers child for sure). Like at two years old you’ve taught me to play games. It is simply mind blowing to see how you know how to work both the iphone and tablet. You unlock it, scroll through the screens, find the game you want to do, open it up and then choose a game within a game to play, go back out to the games main page and select a new one (like with your flash cards) or exit the game to find a new one entirely. Your flash card games have taught you so many new words! When you are going through your flashcards you fly through them so far but once in a while you stay on one word and repeat it multiple times then move on as if you had to hear it a few times before you learned it then moved on to the next. It is amazing to watch you learn.


You are a great sleeper (7:30-7:30) and finally a great napper (1-2:30 in your room). You wear a size 2T, size shoe and size 5 diaper (absolutely no interest in going on the potty but I still keep asking and you still keeps saying “NO”…just waiting for you to take the lead). You still have a paci and I could care less, I know you won’t take it to the prom, if you need it to sleep so be it. One thing I have learned is that you will do something in your own time and it will be very easy. You LOVE to stuggle under blankets and be cozy. You sleep every night like such a big boy on your pillow and under two blankets and snuggle another blanket in your arms. I wake up to you saying “Mama, Mama, Mama, Dada, DeeDee” every morning over the monitor.


You love doing projects and coloring! You often times will run to your chalkboard draw a picture very fast and then announce who or what it is. You like to draw Dada (picture in the middle).


You LOVE to do puzzles! You can blow through your Melissa and Doug ABC puzzle in minutes and repeat all the letters, you recognize many letters now too and can spell car (shocking HA).


You also love to read both me to you and you to me; you call books “stories” which I think is adorable. “Story again Mama” is often heard in our house. You love to read me Brown Bear Brown Bear and any of your first words books.


You are a big helper in the kitchen and enjoy cooking. We got you a Melissa and Doug cutting set for Christmas and you love to cut up vegetables for all of us to eat.


You still love blocks and stacking everything you can imagine! You also love your Legos and building things. You are so good at it!


Cars are still your #1 (although all of them are “das mas” aka it’s mine). Your imaginary play with your cars it so cute. You have a whole game in your head that you play with them and we just love to sit back and watch you. You also love to go through all your cars/trucks and tell us what they are (ice cream car, truck, candy truck, race car, ect). You also like to tell us which colors each car is (geeeen car is your favorite to say). You told us  your favorite color was orange.


Your favorite show is Caillou (or as you call him Go-Tee), really it is the ONLY thing you watch right now. Oh goodness Mama needs a break from Caillou! This had by far been your longest phase of liking a specific show. You are very sensitive when it comes to people getting hurt (physically or emotionally) while watching a show or movie. In the beginning of Cars when they all crash you get very upset and in a few episodes of Caillou when Caillou falls you get upset and say “Ooooh No Go-Tee…”.


You are still a picky eater and don’t try new things but, for the most part, you eat a lot of very  healthy foods. You like pancakes, french toast, oatmeal cereal squares, cinnamon life cereal, yogurt melts, strawberries, bananas, oranges, blueberries, apples, grapes, french fries, grilled cheese, and then of course the junk (cookies, candy canes, and cupcakes). 


You have developed some odd fears the past few months…snakes and ghosts?! We have no idea where they came from. When ever you see a shadow you yell GHOST! or hear a noise (usually a cat) in another room you yell GHOST! The snakes fear was short living, mostly around Christmas, when you thought everything long and skinny (tree lights) were snakes and feared them. Worked to our advantage to keep you out of things by saying there was snakes in there (that horrible I know). IMG_6857

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