Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surviving 2012

Oy, let’s just say starting off the New Year with colds is not fun! Thankfully Liam (and I) are starting to feel much better and Alex and Lucy with their iron immune systems somehow managed to dodge the germs.

Lucy wore the most adorable boots on New Years Eve, I just can’t get enough of dressing her up.IMG_6641IMG_6648

Mr. Liam not feeling so great, poor kiddo.


Everyday life, this is pretty much what we do the large majority of the day. Talk to Lucy and she smiles ear to ear, the girl LOOOOVES her some attention. Liam showing Lucy some toys. She tries to wiggle over to him to play so hard. Liam cracks me up because he knows which toys are his and which are hers and he is adamant about brining her her toys. One day we were sitting on the floor (Lucy on my lap) playing cars and I asked Liam if he would share a car with Lucy and he said “No, DeeDee Dog” and went over to get her her dog toy.


Someone is getting pretty strong on their belly.


So Miss Lucy has grown very fond of being carried around forward facing whenever she is awake. I figured since she liked the standing position so much maybe it was time to breakout the exersaucer and she how she did. Well, she loved it and Liam LOVED playing with her and showing her all of the neat things on the outside.


Liam doing a puzzle … then watching Caillou
Lucy “talking”

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