Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Weekend

The Brickyard race was this weekend so I made Liam a Kyle (Rowdy) Busch shirt for the occasion.   IMG_2396 - Copy

Someone was excited about going up to take a bath!

 IMG_2405 - Copy IMG_2408 - Copy IMG_2410 - Copy IMG_2411 - Copy

On Sunday I made my first etsy sale! Yay!!!!!

 IMG_2416 - Copy IMG_2428 - Copy

We also got a new refrigerator on Sunday after a total “everything happens for a reason” chain of events. Normally every Sunday we are at softball all day. Well this Sunday, since the race was in town, softball was cancelled. Around noon i went into the kitchen and thought i smelled a pool, only to keep walking and realize it was electrical burning. After a few minutes we realized it was the refrigerator, pulled it away from the wall and the smoke came pour out. Yikes! Thank goodness softball had been canceled or who knows what would have happened! So we ran to Sears and picked up this bad boy, a Kenmore Elite and we love it. NOTE the magnetic stuffed cat at the bottom that Liam loves to play with.

IMG_2418 - Copy IMG_2422 - Copy

…and Liam (and Nigel)



Liam and I made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby this morning and we saw rows and rows of this…



CraftGirlAlli said...

I'm totally jealous of the new fridge!

And Christmas stuff out already?!?!'s too soon!

Looks like an overall fun weekend though!

Susannah said...

NICE fridge! :D

Gag me on Christmas, however, it IS NICE to see it super on sale! I can't even function on Halloweeen yet, much less Christmas! :D

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog-iversary post-I love your blog and Liam is presh!!!

edie said...

I called my sister from Hobby Lobby yesterday to tell her the same thing. Christmas, already?

And love your new fridge and LOVE the baby's shirt.