Thursday, July 15, 2010

A good day!

Nothing like snuggling with an oversized rabbit while watching Sid the Science Kid. DSC02439

Liam and I went to the Children’s Museum today with my old co-worker Erin, her son, mom, and niece. DSC02456 DSC02457

Liam got to ride the carousel for the very first time and love it! I’m not going to lie i got a bit choked up while riding with him. How can he be old enough to be riding a carousel already? Where did my newborn go?DSC02459 DSC02461

He really wanted to go outside this afternoon but being that is was 97 degrees (on our thermometer in the shade) and we had a heat advisory, we decided to hang out inside. DSC02465 DSC02466

It was amazing for me to watch Liam at the museum today and see how much he has grown up since the last time we were there (only three months ago). He really enjoyed seeing everything and interacting with a lot of the stuff. He got to crawl through the train tunnel and see all the trains. He got to watch the One World, One Sky show in the planetarium and sat SO WELL during the whole show watching (it helped that Big Bird and Elmo hosted the show), and he got to crawl and climb around the children under two section. He was climbing up the stairs, across the bridge, and would wheel barrel crawl down the stairs (there was only two foam steps but i was still impressed by him ability and lack of fear to head straight down).

Yesterday we went swimming with our playgroup again. Liam once again showed he is such a water baby. I am not sure if it was a coincidence or if we knew what he was doing but i had him in a small sit in float and would say “kick kick kick kick” and he would start kicking his feet and would move himself towards me…..and he said “ick ick ick”.

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