Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fearlessly learning to do new things

Liam has learned to do a few new things in the last week that i wanted to write down before i forgot.

Last week he started stepping to stand up instead of just pulling himself up. This means he is now able to stand on objects that he doesn’t have a full grip on, such as my leg.


He also learned to go from holding onto the storage cube, turn and hold onto the play yard with the other hand and then turn and walk to it. This morning he cruised around the whole inside of his pack and play holding on.


The picture below just cracks me up because he just looks like a mini Alex with his build and outfit… father like son!


Last night Alex and I were putting clothes away and filled a bin up with all the hangers. Liam has a blast standing holding onto the bin and emptying all the hangers out one by one. He also repeatedly tried to stand on his own last night. The longest he was able to do it was about 5 seconds and then he plopped on his butt, which i was very proud oh him for doing. We have been practicing falling and sitting for about a week now because he is having trouble figuring how to get down from standing. He usually bends over far enough that his one hand will touch the ground and he will let go or he will kneel back down and turn to crawl away.

In the last week or so I have been giving Liam more of what we are having for dinner to try, just a little so he get used to eating more and more table food. After the initial gag on the difference in texture he has liked everything he has tried.

He has also started to become super vocal and it constantly babbling, yelling, or singing. Yes, signing. We will be those parents on American Idol in  15 years talking about how he used to sing to us since he was only eight months old. **he really was singing in this picture**


Here is a video of completely random things he has done within the last few weeks.

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