Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday Night Randomness

Our DVR is bursting at the seams tonight because all week Alex and I have been hooked on a different form of entertainment. We love listening to audio books together at night and this week we finished up Catching Fire, the second book the The Hunger Games series. It was awesome! So now the book is over and we are back to the tv and internet for the rest of the night so i thought i would to a hodgepodge post of a lot of random things.

I saw this today and laughed so hard.


On Thursday Liam and I went to the zoo with two of his friends from our play group. The weather was perfect, in the upper 70’s, and we went later in the day. Most of the animals were awake and about, which you don’t see very often.

IMG_2092 IMG_2097

The cheetahs are a new exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. The last time we were there they were all napping and you could barely see them but on Thursday there were two just walking circles right next to the glass. I am fairly certain my two house cats would out weigh this thing, it was so skinny!


This afternoon Liam was having lunch and we didn’t have any bibs downstairs so i used one of Alex’s shirts instead. Liam was really excited.


This morning i cried for Liam. I cried because of a fear i have of him feeling pain in his future the way i sometimes do. I get migraines. They are few and far between but when they come they are terrible. On Thursday evening i knew it was coming. I started getting achy and not feeling so well and at 5am i woke up from a dream about having one only to realize my dream was reality. I went downstairs to warm up my “hot thing”, which i would not have survived the last 10 years of my life without, and take some Excedrin (on an empty stomach that was already nauseated from the pain…..great combination). I had almost fallen back to sleep when Liam woke up. I had to wake Alex up (which i have only done on a weekday one before in the eight months Liam has been with us) because it was hard for me to lay in bed and not get sick, my energy was only focused on keeping the pain medicine down. So he brought Liam back into the room and proceeded to let him scream at the top of his lungs until i got up with him (after 10 minutes of me grabbing my head so tightly to block out the screaming which has intensified the pain ten folds)….(thanks Hubs) oh and then he went back to sleep. So i took Liam downstairs, fed him with all the “Mama strength” i could muster up and laid down with him on the couch. Surprisingly he did rest for a few minutes which is when my thoughts drifted and i cried. I cried for the thought of him having to ever feel pain like that in his life. I can remember so vividly being a child, a young child, wanting to cry but knowing it would only make the pain worse, needed to be sick but know that my mom wouldn’t let me take more pain killers even though i had just seen them again. It was awful and it scares me to think he could one day feel it.

So we ended up sticking to the cry it out method **thank you so much to all the ladies who gave me words of encouragement** to help Liam sleep better and I am so happy to report that he has slept straight through the last two nights, something we have not seen since he was four months old. Now that being said, knowing Liam, he is bound to sleep terrible tonight just to prove me wrong…let’s hope not. He definitely still woke up a few times during the night (he is very loud so i was able to wake up and watch him on the monitor) but was able to put himself back to sleep. He gets himself into some of the strangest positions. Right now he is laying on my belly with one arm bent the other straight behind him and his tush in the air.


Jenny said...

I thought I recognized that picture! I know exactly how you feel about the headache thing. I get migraines too, Abby has started to get headaches every once in a while and it breaks my heart. They don't seem to be migraines, but i fear that's in her future. Let's pray that they don't have to deal with them.

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

That poster/picture is too funny. ;)

So sorry you have migraines! I'm so thankful I don't get them but that sounds horrific. :(