Monday, July 12, 2010

Independent Night Randomness

Monday nights in our house are “independent night” aka Alex plays xbox and i am left finding something to occupy my time. Tonight's entertainment was this totally random post.

[Hey Mom (Grandma) if i strap a cupcake tin to his chest i think we could have another Matt story on our hands.]


Liam has become a belly and side sleeper lately and i thought he looked too cute all curled up napping the other day not to take this picture. Okay, at this point i have to admit that i am so happy that we decided to finally do cry it out with Liam at night to try and help correct his sleeping troubles. He has slept straight through the night without needing me to go in and give him his pacifier or rock him for over a week now! Just a short two weeks ago i was going in almost every other hour to do one of those two things. It only took about two nights until he slept through for the first time, the next night he got up once, the next night slept fine, the next night got up once, and then slept fine since then. Last night i heard him give out one little whimper cry and then stopped then do it again and then got comfy and fall back to sleep all by himself!DSC02413 

I moved Liam’s exersaucer out of the “party pit’ (play area) and created a reading spot for him. He had a good time looking at this Elmo books yesterday.DSC02422 DSC02423

Today we all took a trip to Andersons Orchard which Alex and I have loved to go to since we moved here two years ago. Last time we were there we were a short four weeks from meeting Liam for the first time.

We got some great sweet corn and gave some to Liam to try during dinner…the verdict…he loved it!


After our trip to the orchard we went to McAlister’s for lunch. Liam was waiting so patiently for some food.


His hair has really started to grow within the last week and in the back it is growing straight up. Talk about an Alfalpha do.


Kneeling to play ‘cause it’s the cool thing to do.


Our night may or may not have ended with the three of us in our PJ’s standing in the frozen food section of the grocery store because we wanted ice cream.

Random thought of the night…you know you are a Mom when the songs that get stuck in your head these days are from PBS shows…if i sing one more Sid The Science kid song tonight …HA


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

SO glad you're getting more rest! :)

Jlon41 said...

Hi, I've been following your blog now and I hope you don't mind me asking about the CIO that you used for Liam (Congrats by the way!)

How long did he cry before falling asleep? Does he try to stand while in his crib when you leave him at night? Thanks!

Sarah said...

Thanks Jessica, I am too!

Jlon41- I did our on version of CIO, i guess technically it was "modified CIO". We would let him go 5 minutes and then go in and lay him back down, hand him his paci, and i would lay my hand on his chest for comfort, after 2 minutes i would leave, whether he was crying or not. If he was still crying we'd let him go 10 minutes then go in and do the same thing, the next time wait 15 minutes and then continued with the 15 minute wait between visits until he fell asleep.

The longest he ever went was 50 minutes but that was just once. If he was standing (which he did almost the second i closed the door) i would let him stand and then lay him down when i went back in. He eventually did learn to get down and lay back down to fall asleep himself.

Overall he only had to CIO a total or 5 nights and one of those nights he didn't even make it 5 minutes before falling back to sleep.

I was so against doing CIO because it sounded so mean but honestly it is the best thing we have done for him. He sleeps so well now! The last two nights he has not even made a peep, which is a total 180 from a few weeks ago.

Feel free to email me if you want to chat about it more or have any other questions. sgh131 at yahoo dot com