Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now some fluff…

Here is our awesome play group on Wednesday. Of course my child is the one that will not sit down for more than one second….


Wednesday afternoon we went to the park. I was going to wait until his 8 month letter to post these pictures but i thought this would be a nice sneak peek. He had a blast on the swings. I think it is adorable how he holds on now.



This is Liam’s new blanket i made him. He is obsessed with plush minky fabric and i found it on sale this week so i got it for him. One side is the brown plush and the other is a light blue minky that i’ve had since before he was born and i hand embroidered his name with chocolate brown embroidery floss.

No lie when i tell you he is obsessed with the fabric. When we got home from the store the other day i sat him on the table and pulled it out of the bag and he gasped with excitement. I bundled it up and put it on his lap and he spend the next fifteen minutes snuggling his head and giggling, it was very cute.


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