Monday, June 7, 2010

Liam Lately

Have you noticed the lack in posting since Liam has became mobile…. he now hates his exersaucer and is not as into the doorway jumper as he was before, he only wants to me on the move exploring everything. Which means i can’t leave his side for a second or he will get into something…like this…


Liam and I are having an awesome time with our playgroup friends. Last Wednesday we all went swimming and had a wonderful time. It seems as though Liam got the swim gene from me :-) **Sorry for the crazy cropped pictures but i didn’t know how the other moms would feel about having their kids on the blog**

CIMG0394 CIMG0395 - Copy CIMG0399  

Liam’s new favorite game (besides pressing all the buttons on the stereo and climbing under the cat house) is climbing into his exersaucer.


He is now kneeling on everything to play.

DSC02304 DSC02309

Playing in this “pirate ship”


Since I got my new sewing machine i’ve made Liam two pairs on Jon Jon’s. I am pretty happy with how they turned out for my first attempts. I love the plaid one, it is so cute and summery. IMG_1404


Late last week Liam pulled up to standing on his exersaucer and then a few more times on the couch. On Sunday he was being very clingy and wanted me to hold him so we got him doing it on tape. In the video it looks like i am pulling him up but i am just spotting him. Yesterday he pulled up to kneeling on his toy basket, then stood up, then got his knee up on top of the basket and was attempting to crawl over it to get to the tv stand…..aye yi yi


Stephanie said...

These little ones grow way too fast!

John, Jessica and Emma said...

He is so cute and I love the outfits you made!! So adorable!!

Sarah Jane said...

Love the jon jons~ Are you using a pattern or just doing them freehand? I have had my sewing machine sitting out for weeks, but your post inspired me to start using it finally :)