Monday, June 21, 2010

Liam Recommends: Munchkin Spoons


Up until now I have been feeding Liam with Gerber spoons. They were great when he was first starting solids because they are small and don’t hold much food. Then something happened. Liam became a ravenous eater which lead to frustration and a big mess! I picked up a pack of Munchkin spoons at the store last week and have been IN LOVE ever since! They are wonderful. They have a deeper “cup” for holding more food than the Gerber spoons and he makes almost no mess when eating off these spoons. Honestly, i cannot say enough, we are in love….with spoons.


…and yes we were eating lunch in the car on Sunday during Alex’s batting practice before his softball game.

**Tomorrow I will have an 8 months old, an 8 month old?!? Wasn’t he just a 7lb 7oz newborn! Goodness it is going by fast!**


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payettestork said...

My little girl isn't old enough for solids yet, but I saw someone at a play group with these really cool-looking travel pouches of baby food. They connect directly to a baby spoon and allow you to squeeze the food onto the spoon like a tube of toothpaste. They look great for when you're on the go. BabiesRUs sells them and there are a few brands: Ella's Kitchen Organic, Plum Organics, and Revolution Foods. Have you tried any? Just curious!