Friday, June 11, 2010

The King has arrived….

First of all i’d like to give a huge shout out to my Mom and Dad for offering to swap bed with us and my in-laws for driving it all the way out here. Alex and I traded them the king size bed that was in my old room/now guest room for the queen that we had. We were thrilled to be sleeping on our big, new bed last night…even going to bed a few hours early because we were so excited…. So how did the first night go, you ask….

Well…picture this…There is an imaginary line dividing your side and his, i think most of us have this unspoken rule in the bedroom. Hubs rested oh so comfortably, all night long, on his side of the bed….. occupied only my himself. I on the other hand, or should i say side, was not. Since we still had the queen sized bed in our room resting on the wall our clock was blocked so i had no way of knowing what time it was during the night. At one point Liam woke up and started fussing so i went into his room to try and get him back to sleep. I gave him his pacifier but he was not interested. I brought him into our room so that he wouldn’t wake up the in-laws who were sleeping in the guest room, figuring it must be close to 5, the normal time Liam comes into our room to take an hour or two nap. Well it was not 5, it was more like midnight. So Liam spent the whole night in our bed…..ok, at this point i need to be honest and say it was wonderful. I have not been this rested since he was still sleeping in our room in his pack n play. No running into his room when he melts down during the night, no having to rock him back to sleep for 30 minutes….every time he started fussing i just quick gave him his paci and he slept wonderfully. Okay, so at this point i am not sharing my side with Liam. Not even 30 minutes later both Kinsey and Nigel decided they want to sleep with us for the first time since Liam was born. Nigel made a comfy spot right in the bend on my knees and Ms. Kinsey decided that right next to my feet would be the best spot for a nice long slumber. So, in the end, my first night in the new bed was spent curled up in the same contorted ball as it usually is….i guess this is another part of being a Mom, right?



Brittany said...

I feel your pain! We have a king but between us and the dog sometimes I wonder if they make a bed even bigger (?) Ha! Happy Friday :)

Sarah said...

Haha. That's sweet though.

Thanks for the sweet comment by the way! :)

Mrs. Howard said...

What program do you use to create those adorable photo cards (for lack of a better word)?? I love when you combine the photos!