Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not one….but TWO!

Two teeth in two days…..hmmm i guess that explains the lack of sleep we have been getting. He has been much better today compared to the last few days so i am hoping since both teeth have broken through he is relived of some of the discomfort he has been having….poor kiddo, i can’t imagine how much that had to hurt, thank goodness for (generic) Tylenol! IMG_1470

I also need to note that for the first time, at seven and a half months old, Liam blew out of his diaper….yowza! Poo up to his shoulder blades…it was super fun to clean up :-)


Tiffany said...

I hope things get better now that the teeth are popping through! I know it is hard when they are in pain.

Also, I saw your response on my blog about the baby legs. I wasn't sure if you would come back to check my reply so here it is again. I wanted to let you know about a tutorial I found for making your own baby legs from tube socks. I haven't tried it yet but hopefully these will fit better.

John, Jessica and Emma said...

Oh man... Emma always got teeth in sets of two!! Talk about painful!! Yeah the blowouts can be nasty... most times I would just drop her in the bathtub!!!

John, Jessica and Emma said...

Emma is the exact same way!! I swear she would live in the bathtub if we let her!! We recently got her a little pool and EVERYTIME she seems it she says "I Swim!!"... it is so cute!! She had a great second birthday... it is crazy she is that old!!! Don't blink!! :)