Sunday, December 2, 2012

Visting Santa (round 1) and a Birthday Party

This afternoon we went to Pop-pops work christmas party. They always have great parties for the kids for every holiday so we really look forward to these events. They are extremely generous for the kiddos!

Lucy puttin' back her lunch, baby girl ate good today!

Liam "skating"

Checking out what the other kids were doing

These next four pictures crack me up...this is Liam seeing Santa walk in.... 

Yay, Santa...i'm excited...

Hmmmm he is kinda big.... 

yeah i am not so sure about this anymore....

Lucy and Santa ... haha poor girl, wouldn't have passed into childhood without this classic shot

she calmed down pretty quick though

Liam did so much better then we thought and he even remembered to give santa the message that he wants a "big red race car" for Christmas. 

After the party we headed downtown to celebrated Alex's grandmothers birthday with dinner and cake. 

The kids LOVED checking out (and redecorating) her christmas villages. 

Singing "Happy Birthday", Liam did so well and sang the whole song.

The lottery ticket bouquet i made, i thought it turned out really cute. 

and the cake! I made a Neapolitan cake with coordinating icing rosettes.

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