Sunday, December 16, 2012

Visiting Santa ... round 2

First i want to take a moment to with my Mom a very happy birthday!! Happy Birthday Mom!! I am blessed beyond words to have you as my Mom and Liam and Lucy are so very lucky to have a Grandma as amazing as you.We all love you very much!! :-)

Second, please try to look past the watermarks on all the pictures. I had a huge mess last week with some pictures being stolen so I needed to do something from this end to try and protect my pictures. I contemplated going private but i have made a few good friends that i wouldn't want to lose so i am going to try and do the watermarking for now and we will see how that works.

So today we went to another wondering Christmas party with the kids. This one was held at the VFW that Alex's Grandmother and Aunt are part of. The kids got lots of yummy food and treats and very generous gifts. 

 Liam did so well with Santa today. He walked right up when his name was called and told Santa (yet again) that he'd like a "big red race car' for Christmas, gave Santa a high five and even sat on his lap for a pictures.

 Liam opening his present from Santa with Pop Pop. He got a hot wheels track, which was something he had been eyeing up in our Target toy book for weeks. He was so so so excited and even asked to go back up and tell Santa 'thank you' for his track, such a sweet boy.

 Lucy on the other had was not such a big fan of Santa today. Given it was two hours past her nap time this was to be expected but she still had a great time opening her new present and eating a cookie.

 These past few days have been so much fun for me. I have a special going on right now for Christmas cookies and have been getting a few more order every week. On Friday i was packaging up an order for a man that works with Alex's Mom and was just blown away by how much i absolutely love what i am doing. I've always heard the saying 'find what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life' and you guys it is so true. Baking for other people is not work, it makes me so happy, i just love it. Here are a few sugar cookies i made for us last week. Liam was so funny because he is getting use to Mama always baking for other people and when i was making these he came in to the kitchen and said "Mama these for other people?" and i said "no buddy these are for us" and Liam said "YAY!!!! They for us!!!!" he was so excited that finally there was something he could eat (and touch haha).


Stephanie said...

Who would steal your pictures?! What's wrong with people? The kids are getting so big and I'm so happy you have found what you love doing.

Mrs. Howard said...

Oh no!! What happened with your pictures?? I am so happy you have found something you love!! And clearly you're good at it! I always am in awe of the things you do and post!!

payettestork said...

How did you find out someone was stealing your photos?!

Love the decorations. I'm lucky to have gotten any up this year.