Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Most parents of small children would likey start this post with "our christmas started bright and early" but it didn't... Alex and I were up at 7:30 to get everything ready for our brunch and we WOKE OUR KIDS UP at 8:20 to open presents. They were pooped out from the night before!

 Dada putting on Lucys new bracelet, she loves her pretty jewelry. 
 Liam and his "big red race car" the only thing he wanted and was so happy to get.

At 9 o'clock my family and Alex's parents came over for brunch. It was so nice to get everyone together on Christmas morning. We had cranberry orange walnut scones, banana crumb muffins, sausage hash brown bake, yogurt bar, and chicken and waffles. 

You just have to love Lucy's little face peaking in this pictures...lucy ... by the food table... no way :-) 

Around noon we headed over to Alex's parents house to exchange more gifts. We all got spoiled! We are so grateful for everything we got this year.  I was over the moon excited to open a Jo Totes camera bag, very wanted and very very needed! Thank you!! 

We were greeted at their house by these HUGE bear tracks, happy they were just tracks and not the actual bear!

After the  kids nap we headed downtown to Alex's Grandmothers house for Christmas dinner.  Liam with his bread and rice krispies ... poor kiddo, one day he will learn how awesome food is.

 Lucy putting back her big plate of yummy food!

Liam with one of his "ice cream cones". He also got a little grill set that he has had a blast playing with today and making us lots of burgers and hot dogs. 

More presents!! The kids got so so so many wonderful toys and clothes from their Nana, Aunt Debbie and Steve. We are all so lucky!!! 

The (blurry) aftermath of a HUGE gift exchange! Lucy was literally mountain climbing to get around. 

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Christine said...

Awww, I love the pictures of Lucy with all her jewelry on! Glad your Christmas was so fun!