Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Tour of our Home

Oh you guys i just LOVE Christmas decoration, Christmas cards, ornaments... you name it i am over the top about it. I love taking pictures of our home every year to see how it changes little by little each year. My Mom and I love to hit up the day after Christmas sales and stock up on new stuff each year to add to our collection. So without further ado here is the inside of our home for Christmas 2012

Above the kitchen sink

I love this Santa. I got him for $5 (maybe less if it was an additional percent off) at TJ Maxx about 8 years ago after Christmas.

In the kitchen i have this little moose incense smoker that i got from Alex's Mom years ago. It was always one of my favorite pieces she has displayed and when she offered it to me i quickly took her up on that offer. 

One of my favorite things is our framed Christmas cards. Like i said I am obsessed with Christmas cards and i love having all of our past ones displayed. The only one I am missing is from our very first married Christmas. Alex and I pictured with our two cats in front of our tree.....haha we really needed a baby :-)

This is the entertainment stand in the family room aka toy wondering. Liam loves "Snoofy" so the Charlie Brown tree fits great in the room we spend the most time in. Edgar, our elf, is also seen on this stand fairly often.  

Here is our family room tree aka the "fun tree" as Liam calls it. We got this tree last year 90% off at Target after Christmas and it is a beautiful tree... very full...not a lot of sap :-) 


Here are a few of my favorite ornaments!


I am very nostalgic with ornaments so we have all of them on our tree including the ones we made our parents in elementary school.  

This is the first ornament Alex's parents got me. I love that it is dated (2003) because every year it just reminds me how long we have been together :-) 

This is on top of our shoe cubby in the living room. I got this little snowman/penguin family right before we started trying to have Lucy in hopes that by the next Christmas we'd be a family of four. 

Here is our living room tree aka "nice tree for the people on the street" haha gotta love the memory of a three year old.  This tree in right in front of our front window so it really is just our "pretty tree". Our porch is decorating with the same ivory and gold so it all pulls together nice from the outside. Since we don't have a fire place in this house i put our stockings on the kids easel this year and it is working out nice.

This is right at the top of our steps. We've had these for a long time now both were acquired from Alex's parents house.  The tree lights up but we won't have an outlet anywhere on that wall so it isn't pulled in.

Lucy's pretty little tree and some of her ornaments. 


These are on top of Lucy's dresser. I got these YEARS ago at an after Christmas sale. 

Liam's tree. I had a very very hard time getting a good picture of his tree, it is a lot cuter in person then in the picture. 

 This is the little tree in our bedroom. This is on my after Christmas sale wish list this year, i am looking for a 5 foot pencil tree to go in our room for next year. I was hesitant, since we had Liam, to put our nicest ornaments on our tree until the kids were a little older so this year instead of keeping them stored away i put them on the tree in our room along with some of my favorites.

This is our banister which i just love. It is the first thing you see when you walk in our house so i always like it to be a statement

In our dining room i hung this old wreath i had lying around, it adds a nice little touch and goes great with the color palate in the room. 

 There is bits of Christmas all around that i missed taking pictures of from towels in the bathroom and special night lights. I am already sad about the idea of packing it all away in a few weeks. Christmas decor makes it feel so cozy!

Here are some pictures of the kiddos with the tree.

 Lucy saying 'cheeeeese'. This child CRACKS ME UP she loves to go stand by the tree and just look at me and say "cheese" ... such a ham :-)

Liam and I making cookies last week, he is a good little helper. 


Bekah said...

It looks so great!! I love the garland on your stairs - it is beautiful!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Your house looks great! You totally need to frame that b&w pic of your kids hugging by the tree. :)