Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my parents house this year surrounded by lots of family. It was one of the best Christmas Eves that i can remember. I think the memory that will stick in my mind forever about that night was everyone in the living room talking and catching up, opening gifts and having a wonderful time and Liam shouting at the top of his lungs, in the middle of the room "this is the best Christmas EBER (ever)"!!!!

The grandkids eating their christmas eve dinner. 

We learned Lucy is a HUGE fan of crab meat. She held her hand out, waved it at me and said "give me more that!" clear as day haha. 

Lucy and Grandma with her baby from Uncle Matt.

 Liam opening his and Lucy's present from Grandma and Pop. The got the Melissa and Doug grocery store, all the produce and pantry items, shopping cart, and cash register. They are going to have so much fun playing with it!

Evan opening his ipad mini. My Mom wrapped it inside a playmobile box and boy o boy was it a huge suprise for him. The pictures are so funny watching him process he surprise. 

 Once we got home and the kids finally got into bed Santa came to do this Christmas thing.

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