Saturday, October 2, 2010


* Liam is feeling SO much better. It was so nice to get my happy, healthy, well rested little boy back this week!!!!


* Liam got his 6th tooth yesterday, no more Jack-O-Lantern look missing the one front tooth :-)

* He is getting more daring with trying to walk (or just getting lazy and not wanting to get down to crawl two feet away). Today he was standing at a little wicker storage cube we have, cruised over to the edge, stood there alone for a few seconds and took two solid steps to the recliner.


* I had a (much needed) Mom’s night out with a few of my friends from our playgroup. We had early passes to a huge kids consignment sale. I got a lot of great deals for Liam including a pair of flannel lined overalls from gap, lines pants from Oshkosh, Ralph Lauren jeans, Janie and Jack jeans (so cute), gap button down, Ralph Lauren long sleeve polo, Oshkosh long sleeve rugby polo (we’ve dubbed it his Harry Potter look), and the cutest Gap barn coat. I also got him a pair of sneakers and boots that had never been worn. After the sale we went out to dinner and had a wonderful time!

   IMG_3074 IMG_3073

* I have come to the conclusion that cloth diapers are addicting! I am even more excited for our trip to PA later this month because my Mom bought Liam a TON of diapers for his birthday! Eeeekkk .. I am so excited! In addition to a slew of bumGenius she also got an applecheeks and a rumparooz. I can’t wait to try them out!

* I really want to decorate for fall but my storage closet scares me… ALL of the Christmas stuff is piled in front of the fall stuff and there is A LOT of Christmas stuff. I peeked my head in the other day and then walked out of the room, it was a bit too overwhelming for me. So until them we have one little pumpkin sitting on our mantel that Liam picked out last weekend at the apple festival. I guess I need to stop waiting for the day I wake up and my house looks something like this…

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Anonymous said...

I think I may venture into cloth diapering with Shelby. I tried it when she was newborn and I was just too overwhelmed with being a new mom to make it work. I've tried BumGenius and Rumparooz and liked both. I haven't tried Applecheeks, but a friend of a friend reps for them. Which do you/Liam have a preference for and why? Just curious!