Monday, September 27, 2010

Fear of the transition

With Liam’s first birthday approaching I find myself starting to worry about EVERYTHING! Things that have not even crossed my mind in the last few months are now a nagging voice in the back of my head. Does he talk enough? Is it bad he doesn’t wave yet? How do I start weaning him from his bottle? (Oh my goodness what are we going to do without bedtime/nap time bottles?…), Does he eat enough table food? …. and on and on….. I think it is because there are so many milestones that “the books” and “the experts” say kids should be doing by a year and because the one year marks a series of chances from the normal routine for the last 12 months.

During Liam’s lunch time I was talking to my Mom who suggested I start letting him learn to feed himself with a spoon. So we gave it a shot today at lunch….

He started his lunch who some green beans and goldfish. I have been giving him a decent amount of table foods to eat before I give him a jar of baby food in hopes that someday we can transition to all table food…he had some gerber raviolis that he would not even touch or poke with this little index finger none the less eat.

**please disregard the horrific cell phone quality pictures**


Then i gave him his bowl of butternut squash and apples mixed with a little oatmeal to thicken it up for him. …Ah ha just as I suspected..he stuck his hand it in.


I helped him a few times by guiding his hand into the bowl and then into his mouth.  After a few tries I let him do it himself. He did fairly well and got a little on his spoon and into his mouth, yay Liam! 0927001308

Then he got sick of that idea and decided he would just eat straight from the bowl…much easier!  0927001310

Over the weekend Alex and Liam matched in their gold shirts…it was just too cute not to take a few pictures of.


Ooooh that poor runny nose…i am so ready for Liam to get over this cold! IMG_3050-2 

Today I dressed Liam in an outfit that I referred to as his “Dorrance Outfit” (the “town” Alex grew up in).

IMG_3062 IMG_3059 

You may remember the flannel from this classic shot.


Have I mentioned I am so ready to move home?


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

awwww, cute picture! (and I know where that is!)

i tend to be like you with milestones - so nervous and analyzing everything and freaking out if the doesn't meet one of the milestones in "What to Expect." i bought a used copy of "what to expect, toddler years," and you know what? i don't let myself open it anymore. luke is happy, healthy, and learning new things all the time, and that's good enough for me. it was driving me crazy trying to compare him to books and friends' kids. he always does great at his check-ups, and i know what indicators for autism to be on the look-out for, and other than that, i'm giving myself a break. it's so freeing!

liam looks like a happy, healthy little boy. try to cut yourself some slack! :0

Tiffany said...

What a good eater! When I put a bowl in front of Katelyn, her hand goes inside and she will play with the food for a little bit. Then of course, it goes on the floor. I am just now getting her to eat finger foods on a regular basis. I completely understand what you are going through stressing out about the "magazine milestones". It looks like Liam is doing very well so you shouldn't worry (I know... easier said than done). He sure is a cutie!