Friday, October 22, 2010

Liam’s Elmo Party

This evening we had a small birthday party for Liam at Alex’s parents house. It was so good to celebrate his birthday with both sets of Grandparents, Great Grandma Vicki, Aunt Debbie, and Uncle Steve.



Surprisingly, Liam liked his party hat!


Liam loved his pizza. Can’t imagine where he gets that from…ahem Alex ..


We sang and had some cake. Liam tried whole milk for the first time and let’s just say he was not a fan. Hopefully that will change soon now that we will be ending formula soon.


Alex, Liam and I.


We opened a few presents and played, played, played!


(can we pause for a moment and notice the hair growth spurt we’ve seen)


…and ended the night with a much needed bath!


Happy 1st Birthday Liam!!!!!

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Sarah Jane said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!!! I kept thinking about you guys all day while getting ready for Henry's big day. Looks like you did lots of celebrating with lots of family and friends!