Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy First Birthday Liam

Dear Liam,


       It has been one whole year since the first time we met. A simple year that would change two peoples lives forever. A year ago today I could not fathom the fact that I would be sitting here tonight writing you a letter about the ride we have been on these last 365 days. Liam, it has been the ride of a lifetime. It never ceases to amaze me to see just how much you have changed in this short year. You went from a helpless, 7 lb 7 oz little bundle of joy to a 24 pound ball of energy.

DSC00338 IMG_3171

We celebrated each holiday and anticipate so many more years of fun together.

DSC00402DSC01775 DSC00547 DSC01198  DSC01780DSC02045  IMG_2109

Once again this month I feel as though you have changed to much. You started talking so much more and are starting to say Mama and Dada with association, you have also been saying “Hi” and waving. You love to give high fives and clap. One day you started clapping and you have not stopped. You clap when the kids clap on Sesame Street, you clap when you eat lunch, you clap when you hear the first note of “If you happy and you know it”…i just can’t get enough of it!

IMG_3401 IMG_3395

You started talking 3-4 steps at a time regularly when we were at home, even going as far as 7-10 steps on the rare occasion. Since we have been on vacation in Pennsylvania your walking has slowed since you have so much more to explore here and need the fastest way of transporting yourself. Although you have been walking on your knees a large majority of the time. You swing your arms from side to side to allow yourself to “walk” faster, it cracks us up.


You love, love, love trucks, trains, and cars. You push the around all day long! You also love to push buttons to turn toys, music on, or the channel on the TV. It has been amazing this month to watch just how quickly you learn. You study what I am doing so intensely and then simply do it yourself right after. I love watching you learn and figuring new things out.


You love to climb on top of toys and crawl under and through everything!


You had three birthday celebrations this month one with your (totally awesome) play group, one with your extended family, and one tonight with close family (and an Elmo cake!).

   IMG_3135 IMG_3114



Your favorite foods are goldfish, snap pea crisps, fruit strips, cereal bars, yogurt, animal crackers, freeze dried fruits, and french fries. You can’t get enough sweet tea, apple juice, or lemonade! You love taking bites of food, I claim it is because you worked so hard to get those seven teeth that you want to use them! You do so well drinking from your Tilty cup and just this morning Grandma taught you how to drink from a straw!


Liam, this has been the most fun and rewarding year of my life and it was all because of you. You have added so much joy to our lives, kept us on our toes, and provided countless hours of entertainment. We love you more than I could ever put into words. I am so excited for all of the fun we are bound to have this next year.

Love you always,



Look at how you’ve grown…



The Bignon Family said...

Happy birthday Liam!

Sara said...

This was a wonderful post! What a great first year you have had. Sage and I have had so much fun with you and Liam!