Monday, April 19, 2010

What we’ve been up to..

Liam's toes found his mouth, good thing baby feet don’t get dirty.


My brother, Uncle Matt, came to visit over the weekend and they all watched the MMA fight on Saturday.


Mr. Nigel found the cat bed for the first time in his life….he is two…oh and incase you are wondering behind him is a kitty cat toy box….they are spoiled too.


Liam flying, he absolutely loves to do this. HAHA do you like Paul Rudd in the background on Sesame Street, love him! This is my favorite episode (The Princess Show). IMG_0836

I guess what they say about a growth spurt it true….you wake up once day and the pants are too short! These fit him just fine last week, then he started eating like a crazy man, napping a bit more, a tad crankier and then BAM has no clothes that fit. His onesie is a frog with a crown and says Prince Charming….it is just too cute. IMG_0847

I am sad to say the weather is no longer in the 80’s but we are still getting out for our after dinner family walks. It was 65 tonight which after a week of 80’s felt a lot cooler, so Liam rocked his hat one more time. I am going to be so sad when he outgrows this hat, i’ll have to look into ordering a larger size for next fall/winter. IMG_0870

…and my last update. Liam is currently sleeping in this crib (for the night) for the very first time. I am heartbroken. My little man is growing up. Can’t he stay in our room until he is 1, 1.5 maybe, 2, ok more like15.

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