Monday, April 12, 2010

My distraction

I can’t believe it has been over a week since i have posted with words and not just pictures.

Here is the number one reason i have been MIA…

My teething child trying to gnaw his way through everything he can get his hands on .


This has been our only source of relief and peace lately. Naps are no longer than 20 minutes and sleeping through the night includes ten plus times of getting up to give him his paci to get back to sleep. Poor Liam, i can’t image what it must feel like.IMG_0515

….and we are still waiting on the two little white trophies to pop up after all this suffering.


This morning i took Liam to the doctor and he was diagnosed with a pretty bad case of eczema. As if the teething pain wasn’t enough he has also been dealing with a sore cheek. He has it on his tights and cheeks, and is just starting to get it on his check and arms. He got a prescription cream to use so we are hoping that it clears everything up for him.


Lastly, we found out last week that we will be staying here  in Indiana and will not be moving for Alex’s job. We are excited because we love our house and our town. We had a celebratory cook out with Brad, Erin, Berkley, Jen and Greg last night…yay for no long distance friendships!!


I brought dessert to the party and it was a hit, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes. Yes, you heard me right and they were awesome. Chocolate chip cake, filled with a chunk of cookie dough with a cookie dough frosting….Mmmm. Check out Annie's Blog for the recipe.


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Sarah Jane said...

I KNOW! Well, maybe someday you can come visit Seattle :) Or maybe I will make it back to Indiana (I have been a few times in my life- my parents were both Hoosiers).

Sorry to hear about Liams teething and eczema- poor baby :( I am sure the prescription cream will be better, but Henry had some eczema on his chest/thighs and baby lotion with aloe has worked wonders!