Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Half-Year (6 Month) Birthday Liam!

Dear Liam,


     Today you are 6 months old, a whole half year has passed since the first time we laid our eyes on you. It is truly incredible to think back just 182 days ago to the newborn Liam and realize just how much you have changed since then. How did you get so big? How did you learned to do so many things? How is it that right before my eyes you transform from a newborn into an interacting, babbling, semi-mobile baby in such a short amount on time. Before you were born one thing that i always told myself was to cherish every single moment because those first few weeks, first months, first year, though stressful,  are full of special times that we will never relive again. During one single year you go from being a totally dependant newborn baby boy to a one year old that doesn’t need his Mama nearly as much as he did. I am so happy that even in times when you were screaming your head off during those first few months i would hold you close and take in the moment that you cried into my neck, your head fitting so perfectly, feeling the weight of your then 11 pound body; i knew that i’d only get to feel this a few times in my life.


This month has been full of exciting and new things.

Right after your 5 month birthday we traveled to Pennsylvania for 11 days to visit family over Easter. You met so many new people including your Great Grammy H and your great-great Aunt Roe.

DSC01919 DSC01922

We celebrated Easter with Daddy’s family on Saturday and Mommy’s on Sunday.

IMG_0167 IMG_0229 IMG_0275 IMG_0281

You got a ball pit and just LOVE it.


You have been learning to drink from your sippy cup. We fill it with water when we go on walks, which we try to do every night.IMG_0411 

You love to be out of the house … whether it be shopping, on a walk to the park or the duck pond you are a happy camper being out.

 IMG_0636 IMG_0753 IMG_0764 IMG_0557

You love to sit up and are so good at it now. You can sit all by yourself and even reach down to grab toys to play with.


You have sat in the cart a few times now while shopping and LOVE it.


You like to try and hold your bottle but you also love to throw things…these two don’t go together very well.


You love to pick up toys and  bang then very fast and loudly … and then throw them. You also like to spin the roller balls on your exersaucers as fast as they can go. Yesterday we had to raise the exersaucer to the next position because you go so tall you were almost squatting on the lower level.

You are still trying to figure out how to crawl. You started two months ago by getting up on all fours or wiggling around like you were trying to swim. Then you moved onto the plank pose and throwing yourself forward.


Yesterday you got up and moved you legs but not your arms … but you did move forward two “crawls/steps”.IMG_0875

You love to play with your feet…this makes diaper changes very hard sometimes.


Remember last month when i said our goal was to get you out of the swing for you naps, well you must have heard me because you have not wanted to nap in there since. We have been back from our trip for almost three weeks and you  have not been in there since. So where to do nap….the only place you want to sleep in on the couch.


For the last two week or so we have been working on napping in the crib and have succeeded most days. The last three nights you also slept in your crib over night. It is so sad to wake up and see that empty pack and play in our room but you have been sleeping very well so i guess you are liking the extra room in your crib.

You favorite game this month was to be a flying baby! You laugh the whole time. You also love to sit on our legs and blow raspberries/drool a ton on our knees.

IMG_0838 IMG_0096

If i had to describe this month in one word it would be teething…oh goodness teething has not been fun for anyone. The one thing that quiets you down in frozen bananas in your fresh food feeder. IMG_0865 

You also suffered a bad bout with baby eczema but it cleared up in no time with medicated cream (your first prescription).

IMG_0505 IMG_0884

You love Sesame Street, you can be wining/fussing up a storm and then hear that glorious theme song and all is good in the world.

You are eating two solid meals a day. You love food, love it. You have tried almost everything now, your favorites are peaches and bananas so needless to say the peach/banana/granola mix is heaven in a jar for you.


You also tried Baby MumMums and Puffs…not quite sure what to make of them yet.IMG_0413IMG_0741

You LOVE to grab everything. It is great when it is toy but when it my hair or face it is painful. Not only are you strong and hate to let go but you full hand pinch and it hurts.

You are extremely ticklish and it cracks us up.

In the last few days you have changed so much, so much that I, who am home with you every single day, have noticed a change. You barrel roll all over the place, stick your butt up in the air and do the worm to move around, crawl over your Dad and I, and just seem to have even more energy. 

How big are you? You are in size 3 diapers. 6-9 or 9 month clothes, and have worn a few 12 month size onesies. You 6 month check up isn’t until late next week so i will update your stats then but i do know that you are just under 18 pounds.

Look at how you’ve grown….


I love you Liam, more and more each and everyday,


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