Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Asking for your help


A team at my husbands work (Gatorade) has partnered with the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana to submit a Great Idea project for the Pepsi Refresh Everything campaign. 

The Pepsi Refresh Everything Project is giving away $1.3 million each month in 2010 to fund community improvement ideas, and they have a truly great idea.  Their project is to support the RHI Sports Program, which is an adaptive sports program for people with physical disabilities.  The philosophy behind our efforts is to keep people of all abilities in the "game" - in the game of physical fitness, in the game of a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly in the game of life.

They have poured tons of energy, excitement, and passion into this project already and now just need the votes to win.  Voting information is below and I encourage you to look at the pictures and video.  It's amazing what this program means to its participants and their families.  Please vote, vote everyday through April, and please ask your friends and family to vote as well. Thanks so much for your support of their project, and for supporting the RHI Sports Program. 



RHI Sports Refresh Video from Rehabilitation Hospital Indiana on Vimeo.


Laura said...

Very Cool!

I voted! said...

I just voted for you.... I work at RHI so appreciate your VOTE post too!