Monday, April 5, 2010

Liam’s First Easter (2 of 2)

We celebrated Easter Sunday at my parents house with many of my close family members. It was such a joy that Liam was able to meet so many people while we were in Pennsylvania, especially on Easter. Of course Sunday morning the Easter bunny brought Liam two Easter baskets, one from us and one from Grammy and Pop P.

Elmo basket from Grammy and Pop.


Easter basket from Mommy and Daddy. This year he got two MAM paci's and paci savers, a teether bib, a soothie teether (we and he LOVE), munchkin fresh food feeders, bubbles, Dr. Weil sippy cup, and a frog dressed up as a bunny.


Dinner at my parents was wonderful of course and our cake balls were a hit!

IMG_0268 IMG_0270

Here is Liam and Pop on Easter, i just love this picture.


and Liam with Grandma and Pop who got him a wonderful savings bond (god knows he is going to need them for college….who knows how much that will be by the time he gets there), a peek a boo animal book which is adorable and a Sesame Street bath toy!


Liam and Aunt Kerri. She got him SO close to crawling….it must be the cheerleader in her that motivated him.


Uncle Matt wasn’t able to make it in for Easter this year because grad students get….we missed you Uncle Matt!!!!

We left for home at 8 o’clock and pulled into our drive way around 6:30am. It felt SO good to be home. After being away for a week and a half our house even smelled different to us; it smelled like it did the day we moved it (a good smell by the way). There has been a lot of talk lately on if we will move for Alex’s job or if his job will keep him here but today we both had the same feeling which was stay here wouldn’t be all that bad. After being away the feeling of coming home to our house felt so right and we both feel very comfortable and settled. I guess you need to get away sometime to realize how much you love what you have and where you have it. I know that whatever happens will happen for a reason and it will be for the best. I am just hoping we have answers soon.

Alex was bound and determined to do a generation picture in flannel ….he did grow up in the woods you know. Well here it is and i must say it is adorable. Don’t let the bare trees fool you, it was about 80 degrees and they were all sweating.


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