Saturday, May 19, 2012

Trip to Happy Valley

Since Alex was in Texas all last week he took two days off last week to spend some time with us. On Thursday we decided to take a day trip to State College. We’ve been wanting to go and the weather was going to be so nice so we took advantage and packed up the kids and went.

We got there right at lunch time and decided to go for cheesesteaks at CC Peppers, so yummy!! Our poor kids look to disheveled after being in the car so long.


Liam was rocking his aviators on the drive.


We had a great time walking around our old stomping grounds and of course showing the kids their future campus.


Hands down Liam's favorite part of the day was seeing the “fishies” at the hub.


This entire life sciences complex went up since the last time we visited (18 months ago) and it was AMAZING!!IMG_9131IMG_9133IMG_9134IMG_9136

Both kids got to try ice cream from the creamery for the first time, it was a hit!


Mama and Lucy and Dada and Liam


This is when we had to talk Liam  into getting his picture with the lion who was “scary”….everything is scary to our 2.5 year old.


and of course picture with the lion….won’t these just look adorable next to their graduation pictures in 20 and 22 years…. Smile 



The Bignon Family said...

Looks like a fun little trip. N is totally scared of everything right now too!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

love it! we meant to do that with luke before we left pa but we never got around to it.

unrelated - do those amber necklaces really work with teething?? i've never understood how that all works.