Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy 8 Months Lucy


Dear Lucy,

     Eight months! Wow….this month has made me feel like time has really just flown by, I can’t believe you are eight months old already. This month has been so much fun and you have grown and changed so much. Lets start with the biggest and most grand news of all….not only are you sleeping in your room now but you are sleeping though the night!! Right after you turned 7 months old you started sleeping on your belly and were sleeping though the night because it became very easy for you to grab a paci and fall back to sleep plus I just think you were more comfy belly sleeping. We moved you to your room about a week later and have not turned back (except for one night when you had a cold). Obviously Mama is feeling so much better but you have been such a happy girl lately, you are so much more well rested and happier when you wake up.



This are still doing the army/dragging crawl but you do it fast. Being that we have mostly hardwood floors you learned to slide pretty fast. You get up on your knees and rock a lot and even move your legs to crawl but haven't figured out that you need to move your hands to go forward. You are trying so hard to pull up which makes me so nervous and has caused many bumps to the forehead. You want to stand at the train table and play with Liam so bad and are so determined to just do it yourself.


You also said your first word this month “Dada” and I truly believe you know what you are saying because you will look right at your Dada and say it. In my defense you do say “mama” when you are very mad and want me to hold you. You have also said “Hi” after we say it to you but that has only happened a handful of times.


You also learned to clap. The first time you did it was when I went into your room one morning to get you out of bed. I am not supposed by your clapping abilities thought because your favorite song is “if your happy and you know it” and we sing it about 30 times a day. You also love to clap for foods that you like. At our Memorial Day picnic this weekend  you were clapping for baked beans.


You are so so so close to getting your first tooth. You have the thinnest layer of gum tissue covering your bottom right tooth, I have no idea how it has not popped though yet because it is so bumped out. I am hoping any day now it will come in for you.


You absolutely love to eat and have a big appetite. You pretty much try everything that we eat and love just about everything. You are not the biggest fan of bananas but you tolerate then. You love peaches, yogurt melts and pasta.

You love to jump, just like your brother did, but we didn’t have a good doorway for the jumper in our house so we got you a jumperoo because although your exersaucer is one of your favorite toys you were starting to get a little bored with it. Well lets just say the jumperoo was a great investment, you LOVE it. Half the time I am fairly certain you are going to jump through the roof, you just so high and just smile and laugh the whole time.


You also love playing with plastic Easter eggs, I didn’t put them away after Easter because they entertain you so much! You also love lamaze stuffed animals (moose and firefly), baby Einstein ball, little piano, and any of Liam trucks/cars/trains.

You LOVE water and playing in the bathtub. Whenever we go upstairs you immediately crawl to the tub and try to pull up on it. Today you got to go in our pool for the very first time and you loved it! Even though it was still pretty cold you stayed in for a long while and had a great time splashing around.


You are wearing an extremely wide range of sizes so it really depends of the brand and cut of the outfit yesterday you had a 6 month bottom on and an 18 month top. I would say you are on average in a size 12 month. You are wearing a size 3 diaper target brand or size 4 other brands.


Look at how you’ve grown….


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Stephanie said...

She has gotten s big and beautiful!