Monday, May 14, 2012

Ordinary Everyday Life

I’d usually say after such a long blog hiatus that I need to play catch up but in all honesty nothing much has been happening around these parts, just chugging along this thing called life.


Since Lucy has become mobile, just as we suspected, she is a little tail. She follows Liam to play and follows me into the kitchen, she’s never to far behind.


Chicka girl LOVES her some pasta, just like Mama.


The day my “kid who hates sleep” decided to sleep until 10am because Dada was on baby duty…. clearly there is some kind of agreement I was not made aware of.



Hugging it out … blurry but too cute not to share!


I spent a whole week as a single parent while Alex was in Texas last week….this about sums it up….. IMG_2227

We jumped in puddles!


Liam and Baby Bunny…this poor little beat up bunny goes EVERYWHERE with us! IMG_2239

I am not sue if I am just cheap or extremely frugal but I tend to only go to the goodwill on half off days. On Wednesday Alex’s Mom came over to give me some time to “decompress'” (since Alex was out of town) so I took advanced and headed to half off day. Check out the loot! Lots of Ralph Lauren, Gap, and Gymboree for $1-2, gotta love that!


This is Liam’s fish Tebow that lives at Alex’s parents house. He was so cute and started singing a song about Tebow.


On Friday we planted some herbs in a windowsill planter. Liam had fun helping and Lucy ended up grabbing the plastic and pulling the planter towards her, ripping off some herbs and eating them…so shocking. IMG_2265IMG_2267


Mothers Day 2012


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Mrs. Howard said...

I am impressed you planted herbs with your littles! Brave!