Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Well let’s back up and take a look back our week. Liam and Lucy’s new favorite game is wrestling or “tackle DeeDee”.


A few sweet pictures of my big 8 month old!!


On Thursday we decided we wanted to have a Memorial Day cookout with family and friends, take about spur of the moment. So Liam helped me clean his train table on Friday.


More wrestling this time DeeDee tackled Liam.


Lucy got her nails painted red for Memorial Day.


Hugging it out, probably after a wrestling match.


Party Day . Saturday!


Baby girl went ca-razy for some baked beans, hot dog, and tortellini salad.


Liam went swimming!


They boys playing corn hole, thank you Indiana for introducing us to this game, it was only horse shoes before then.


Liam playing lacrosse!


On Sunday I got to sit in the pool and read….I am sure going to be making this a new habit during the summer!


Sunday night we took a quick trip to Sam’s Club, gotta love the double carts at Sam’s. I think they look so much like brother and sister in this picture, you can really see their similarities.


Memorial Day!! We started out our day with a parade. Liam loved the fire trucks and the motorcycles even though he was scared cause they were loud.


…you have a baby….in a bar…. why yes, yes we did…


Liam got up close and personal with some motorcycles from the parade.


Because they can’t both smile in the same picture here are two..


Jer and Kim came over this afternoon and we all swam and had a small cookout. After they left Alex’s Mom came over and we swam some more, the kiddos went to bed and Alex and I went back in the pool to finally play kid free. Now we are both sitting here burnt to a crisp after our day of fun in the sun!


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