Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy 2 Months Lucy

Dear Lucy,


    Today you are two months old. I cannot believe how much you have changed in this last month. You seem so much older than two months old. You have gotten so big and are so strong! Very soon after you turned one month old you started smiling at us and have not stopped. We thought your brother was a smiley baby but you have nothing on him, you are such a happy girl.


goodness can you tell this was right after she turned a month old, she has filled out a lot since then

    You started liking your swing this month and usually take your evening nap/fall asleep for bedtime in it with the white noise on. You love looking outside and at contrasting colors (like the dark green mirror against the light tan walls in the living room and the black and white baby book we have). You still love bath time. But most of all you love to eat! Gosh girl I feel like that is all you have done this month! You are growing like a weed! You love being under the jungle activity mat and your brother loves to show you all the animals. Would it be surprising if I told you you loved to shop, I sure hope this continues, Mama needs a shopping buddy. You are not a big fan of going on walks, I sure hope you have a change of heart come spring time, Grandma is my favorite walking buddy!


You are wearing 3 month clothes (which are already short in the arms) and size 1 diapers. You weigh (appointment tomorrow) and are (inches) long. For the last three nights you have slept 11-6, can I get an amen! The funny part is you started sleeping well almost to the day when your brother did. You take a short nap in the morning, a long afternoon nap, and sometimes a short can nap in the evening. The car is your kryptonite and puts you to sleep almost immediately.


This month you celebrated your first Halloween (you were a pumpkin) and your first Thanksgiving (we wore matching skinny jeans).


You are sometimes a fan of your paci but love sucking on your hands more, I am pretty sure once you get the hang of putting your fingers in your mouth you will be a thumb/finger sucker instead of paci.


Sweet girl we fall in love with you more each day. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.




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Sara said...

She really has filled out! Such a cutie! Wish I could see her in person.