Sunday, December 11, 2011

Life in photos

Life lately has felt a lot like groundhogs day, hence the lack of blogging. Nothing very exciting going on here on our home front but of course we can recap the last few weeks with some pictures.


Miss Lucy has been all smiles and has been sleeping like a rock star, thank goodness for the concept of “dream feeding'”!


Edgar the Elf has been up to some very funny things….


Liam devoured a peppermint brownie cake pop from starbucks, he is addicted to candy canes as well.


Our train station got its own Christmas tree.


We’ve had lots of group play time. Here Liam was showing Lucy the Baby Jesus that goes to his nativity. He loves the Baby Jesus and takes it with him everywhere….in the car, bed … you name it.IMG_0452

Liam has been a great helper in the kitchen lately. He has developed a big interest in helping me cook. He runs to the kitchen, slides a chair over and says “I cook” multiple times a day. Many times he just gets out a lot of utensils and measuring cups and pretends. Here he was helping me make pizza, adding mushrooms to Dada’s pizza (I had to assure Alex that it would not hurt him to have mushroom reside on his pizza…ugh..picky eaters), and decorating cupcakes.


Sweet Lucy hanging out and rocking the skinny jeans and uggs.


My Moms tree, isn’t it pretty! I have some big shoes to fill when it comes to Christmas d├ęcor!IMG_0475

Liam got a set of Legos from Alex’s Dads work Christmas party and has been playing with them all week! He has had so much fun building.


Do we need a haircut or can we just say we are rocking the Beiber look?!IMG_0483

Traffic jam on the couch!


Tummy time for everyone


Oh those cheeks, don’t you just want to kiss them!


I have developed a new hobby … running has taken over blog time. I also went vegetarian (with a few exceptions like turkey on thanksgiving) (there is a whole long story behind this one). This is the fourth time in my adult life now that I am trying my hand at a vegetarian diet. Being honest, the thing that always got me off track was McDonalds (isn’t that terrible) well let’s just say McDonalds is off the table for a long, long time and this change has definitely been more of a lifestyle change than a phase. Honestly, I have never felt better!! One of the nice side effects of all these changes is being three pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight with Lucy and only two pounds to my wedding day weight! Very exciting. Only 7 pounds to my goal!


and Lucy rolled belly to back for the first time today!! Go Lucy!!


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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Yay, you're back! I've missed your posts. :) That is SO amazing about your weight loss! Wow! I'm definitely inspired. And I would totally love to hear your vegetarian-story at some point. I've contemplated it several times, but I just don't think I could give up steak! haha