Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life Lately … according to my phone pictures

Someone was very excited that they passed their hearing test at the audiologist office today!! Yay Lucy!!! We are going back for a follow up test in a year just to be sure but the audiologist said that the left ear probe at the hospital was found to be broken after over 20 babies failed their left year test. Looks like Lucy was one of those unlucky twenty. So relived that she is okay! She has been smiling up a storm for the last week!! Love my happy little girl!!!


Mr. Liam has had a blast reading all the toy catalogs that have come in the mail and newspaper. Someone is getting ready to Santa to come. Truth be told I am so ready to decorate for Christmas!!! 1bf91002093d11e180c9123138016265_7

I’ve been seeing this smirk at 3am a lot this week….


Someone is worn out from this time change, none of us are adapting well yet! 8c8ed92e072511e19896123138142014_6

Oh and yes this would be me, IN FIRST PLACE, in our fantasy football league!


Liam being a typical man and lounging watching TV which his belly hanging out. d1cce084057311e19896123138142014_7

and this one just blows my mind…. ummm when did she get big enough to do this!?e4d1751a088d11e19896123138142014_6


Stephanie said...

That's great news with the audiologist! Go Lucy! The kids are so adorable!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

yeah for happy news! what a relief! :)

Bev Johnston said...

Ok... I've decided that Lucy has TOTALLY turned into your twin! It is amazing how much she looks like you now. Beautiful!