Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Welcome Lucy Anne


   September 28, 2011

           1:02 am

6 pounds 10.5 ounces

    19.75 inches long


Lucy’s birth story is one that none of us will ever forget!

I was scheduled to come in to start my induction on Tueday night at 7:30pm. On Monday i was a “good 2-3 cm” at my office visit and after telling my doctor around 8pm that i had been having contractions all day/evening Monday he was not surprised when he checked me to find that i had dilated to a 4 since the day before. He told me that I was dilated enough that i did not need the foley catheter that they planned on putting in that evening and that he would order me a sleeping pill and they would start the pitocin induction first thing in the morning. He then sarcastically added “unless you go into labor tonight”.

By 8:30pm I started having contractions every 2-3 minutes. They were much more painful than what i had been having the last few days and by 9:30 i decided to call the nurse to ask to be put on a monitor because they were very regular and strong. After 15 minutes of monitoring it was confirmed that i was contracting regularly. At this point the contractions hurt, a lot more than i had ever experienced with Liam (i got an epidural at 4cm with him when the pain wasn’t very bad yet). I am the kind of person that doesn’t like to whine of make a fuss over being in pain because 1. it won’t make it go away and 2. incase what i was feeling wasn’t even close to the worst pain during child birth i didn’t want to come across as a wimp. Because of this and my positive attitude when i asked the nurse if she was going to check me she said “well just looking at you i would highly doubt you’d be past a 4” but she decided to check me anyway and i was “oooooh a gooood 5cm” … that's right!

At this point, around 10pm,  the admitted me to the hospital and confirmed that i had gone into labor (yes, before they even started the induction i went into labor at the hospital). I knew that i wanted an epidural but the nurse said that if i get it now it may stop the contractions that i was having on my own. Because of this i decided to hold off a little while. I knew that i needed one full bag of fluids (about an hour) before i was even able to get the epidural so i put in the request to have it as soon as i could.

this is where it get foggy for me

**Note, i was positive for beta strep so they didn’t check me after the nurse confirmed i was a 5 because they didn’t want to disturb anything to make me progress faster because they wanted me to get the two full bags of antibiotics**

After 10pm the contractions got extremely painful.  There was a lot of silent foul words being thrown around during those contractions, many attempts to deep breathe, and a whole lot of “when the heck am i getting that epidural”. The anesthesiologist knew that i still needed to finish my bag of fluids so he went into surgery and was not able to leave until the procedure was over. He finally came into my room at midnight. Getting the epidural was not fun, it was definitely  much more uncomfortable than it was with Liam, it felt like he was shooting far to the right in my spine (yeah not fun). He finally got it in, after saying “i had a really nice back that made it easy” and i was told to lay down for it to take effect…but it didn’t and the contractions were getting a lot worse.

Around 10:30 the contractions were so bad i just started crying. I couldn’t help it. I knew that epidural was not working and no one seemed to be trying to do anything to fix it. The contractions started coming one right on top of one another (hello transition) and i just knew she was coming and coming soon…….and i knew i was going to be doing it without pain meds.

I have never been so scared in my entire life.

things get super foggy here

Contractions were bad, i was crying, i thought i had lost my mind, my water broke and my body started pushing. If they would have told me to stop there is no way i would have been able to. The nurse decided to check me and then started screaming into the hallway like you see on the movies to get the doctor. The doctor ran in, jumped on the bed, and out came Lucy. It was crazy intense and i honestly don’t have words to describe the last 10 minutes of my labor.

She was out, it was immediate relief, she looked just like Liam, she had lots of dark hair, i cried tears of shear joy.




Liam came to visit with my parents at 11am and just LOVED his baby sister. He petted her and just wanted to love on her. I could not be more happy!



Our new family of four, blessed beyond words!



Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

awwwwwww!!! she is BEAUTIFUL! you rock for doing it without meds!! congratulations!!!! :)

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Mrs. Howard said...

She is just BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations to your family!!

Stephanie said...

Congratulations my friend! What a blessing. I am so happy for you!

The Small Fry said...

Congratulations and welcome Lucy Anne! :)

Sarah said...

Congratulations! Life with two is double the love! She's beautiful!

The Bignon Family said...

Congratulations to you and your family! Lucy is beautiful!

Bev Johnston said...

What a story!!! You are like superwoman!!! I'm glad she's hear and healthy. She is a beautiful baby girl!!!