Monday, September 19, 2011

38 weeks


Total Weight Gain/Loss: somewhere around 23 pounds (my appointment is tomorrow)

Maternity Clothes: yes the few things that still fit….it is just so wrong that you outgrow maternity stuff at the end

Gender: it’s a girl! Lucy Anne

Movement: she is stretching out her legs more than anything and wiggling her head around like she is trying to get out (fun times…)

Sleep: my hips are so loose that they get very very sore when i lay on one side more more than an hour

What I miss: i feel like i have finally reached the point where i am just as mentally done as i am physically done. I am a very non-hormonal preggo but the last few days i could just cry because i want it to be over so bad. I am so ready to feel normal again and to be holding this little girl and pass her off to Daddy to hold for a while :-)

Cravings: pumpkin ice cream YUM!

Best Moment this week: We got all of the baby gear set up this weekend: swing, pack n play, bouncy seat and the newborn hammock in the little tub. Her room and 99% done (pictures to come soon) thanks to the help from my Mom this weekend on getting the finishing touches done. :-)

and I am adding: Best “got your hopes up” Moment this week: Saturday night when i was having contractions every three minutes for three hours that we were getting progressively stronger and then poof….gone….arggg!

For comparison sake here i am 37 weeks with Liam and 38 weeks with Lucy in the same shirt (limited choices when you have been pregnant all summer and suddenly fall arrives)

withliam IMG_0211[2]


The Bignon Family said...

So close! Can't wait to hear your news! 23 pounds....I am so jealous of girls like you!!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe you are at the end! Your belly is beautiful and, is it just me, or are you carrying different this time around?